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The Red Bay Grocery has been in operation since 1936. It has had 28 different owners. It closed in 2008 and left the community without a gathering spot and left everyone having to drive 20 miles to get bare necessities. In 2009 a community effort that included more than 50 partners brought the store back to life.

It has been cleaned up, painted and given new life by the community it serves. Our partners grow our produce (most of it comes from Luke Langford with Cypress Cattle), cut our fresh flowers, bake our cookies, cakes, and pies, take care of our carpentry, plumbing and electrical needs and even handle our legal issues. But mainly, over coffee and biscuits, the partners of Red Bay Grocery provide stories and daily updates of the goings on in our small town.

We are proud of our store. We think we’re on to something. We are doing business the way it is supposed to be done.

And we’re having a blast.

We hope you’ll visit us at the Red Bay Grocery.

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